Trigger Errors

Form preparation will fail if any major trigger errors are encountered. The main trigger errors are:

  • SQL syntax errors
  • illegal or irresolvable variable types
  • syntax errors in #INCLUDE commands
  • #INCLUDE commands that refer to non-existent forms, form columns or triggers
  • form column variables that refer to non-existent form/form column combinations (e.g., :ORDERS.CUSTNAME, when there is no CUSTNAME column in the ORDERS form)
  • ERRMSG or WRNMSG commands that refer to message numbers not specified for the form in question.

In addition, warning messages (without causing form preparation to fail) might be generated when the same local variable is used for two distinct types. Even though form preparation succeeds in this case, it is nevertheless recommended that you take care of all the problems that generated the warning messages.

Example: The same variable name contains a value of INT type in one trigger and a value of CHAR type in another.

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