User Identification for Priority Lite/Dashboards


Often, there is a need to identify the user who runs the procedure – as a customer, vendor or internal user – and to display relevant user data (e.g., address). User identification is carried out via the company phone book or the list of users (that is, the data in the PHONEBOOK, PHONEBOOKA and USERS tables).

To have the procedure identify the user before it runs:

  • In the Procedure Generator, choose the appropriate value in the Internet Access column. Specify Y for all (customers, vendors and internal users); T for walk-in customers (e.g., for the Storefront) and U for internal users only (e.g., for internal reports, data input by users). Or specify I for no privilege checks.

The value of the first parameter in the cursor is saved in a variable called HTMLVALUE. This is a system variable of CHAR type, and it must be converted to an integer using the ATOI function. Using HTMLVALUE you can retrieve the relevant record (the one being printed) from the main table of the document in question.

To identify the user from within the procedure, use the SQL.WEBID variable. When users log in using their e-mail address, this variable receives the value of the PHONEBOOK.PHONE column. In procedures that are defined for internal users only, users can also log in with their username. In such a case, the SQL.WEBID variable receives the value of the USERS.USER column, multiplied by -1.

Tip: To display report data that is specific to a given customer/vendor/user, make the appropriate joins in the report to SQL.WEBID.

Example: To obtain a list of the customer’s orders, use the join


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