Add BPM Chart Procedure

The sixth step in creating a BPM flow chart is to create a procedure called XXXX_VISMYDOCSTATS in the Procedure Generator.

The procedure steps should be as follows:

  • Step 5

    • Entity Name: SQLI
    • Type: C
    • Step Query (in the sub-level form): #INCLUDE WEBCONST/NotFromJava
  • Step 10

    • Entity Name: BPM
    • Type: C
    • Procedure Parameters (in the sub-level form):

      • Parameter Name: CHR
      • Pos: 10
      • Width: 20
      • Type: CHAR
  • Step 90
    • Entity Name: END
    • Type: B
  • Step 91
    • Entity Name: XXXX_MYDOCSTATS (Status form)
    • Type: F

Note: The names of entities are given here for demonstration purposes and can be changed as desired.

The next step is to debug the BPM chart.