Form Triggers


A form trigger in Priority is a set of SQL statements that affect record insertions, updates and deletions during form completion. Before creating triggers, it is important to fully understand the use of SQL syntax in Priority (see SQL Syntax).

Priority provides for several types of triggers in the construction of forms. It both includes built-in triggers of its own and enables you to create your own triggers: Column (or Field) triggers, Row triggers and Form triggers. This section first explains variables that are employed in triggers, then briefly illustrates Priority’s built-in triggers, and finally provides an in-depth look at user-designed triggers. Each type of user-designed trigger is described and exemplified, in addition to which a series of complex examples are presented later on.

It should be noted that the term form trigger is used in two senses:

  • generically, to refer to all triggers activated by either exiting a form column, exiting the row or entering/exiting the form;
  • to refer to a specific type of trigger — PRE-FORM and POST-FORM — that takes effect when the form is entered or exited, respectively.

To distinguish between these two usages, the former (generic sense) will be called a “form trigger,” whereas the latter (specific sense) will be called a “Form trigger.” On form debugging, see Debug Tools.

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