Activating Priority Entities from an External Application

To open a Priority entity from a hyperlink, it should point to the following location (parameters are explained below):


  • FORMNAME is the name of the Priority entity you want to activate (e.g., ORDERS). If this is not a form, it must be followed by the initial representing the entity type (P = procedure; R = report). For example, to activate the Project Reports procedure, you would use the following syntax:


  • DOCUMENTNUM is the ID number of the Priority record you want to retrieve in the designated form (not relevant when activating other types of entities). This is the value of the key column in the form's base table. For example, in the ORDERS form this would be the value of the ORDNAME column; in the CUSTOMERS form, it would be the value of the CUSTNAME column. This can be left blank to simply open the form.
  • COMPANY is the name of the Priority company in which you are executing the command.
  • TABINFILE is the name of the tabula.ini file (for example: tabdev.ini)
  • LANG is the ID number of the language in which you want the form to open, as defined in the Languages form (e.g., for American English, specify 3).

Open a Record from the Command Prompt (Windows only)

To open a Priority entity from the command prompt (e.g., from within an external application), use the following syntax (parameters are explained below):


If you are running this command from an external application, x:\priority is the folder in which Priority client files are located on the workstation.

Note: Unlike the Windows client, the web client does not provide a means of receiving a username and password as parameters when activating a form. If users are not already logged into Priority on the workstation in question, they will need to enter a username and password before they can view any data.