Create BPM Statuses Table

The first step in creating a BPM flow chart is to create the statuses table.

  1. Use the CreateTable procedure to create a new table with the following attributes:
    Table Type0 (small table)
  2. Define the table’s three basic columns:
    MYDOCSTATINT, 13, Status (ID)
    STATDESCHAR, 12, Status
    SORTINT, 3, Display Order
  3. Add a mandatory flag with the following attributes:
    INITSTATFLAGCHAR, 1, Initial Status.
  4. Add additional flags as you wish (see examples in the standard status forms).
    Note: You do not need to add the flags Include in ToDo List or Inactive Status, or provide a column for a status description in English (for non-English environments). These columns already exist in the DOCSTATUSEStable, which will be joined to the XXXX_MYDOCSTATS form.
  5. Define the following columns as keys:
    AutoUnique – MYDOCSTAT
    Unique – STATDES

Note: All the names and descriptions of forms, tables, columns, etc. are given here for demonstration purposes and can be changed as desired.

The next step is to create the statuses form.