Procedure Messages

The PRINT, PRINTCONT, and PRINTERR commands are very similar. However, whereas the PRINT command only displays a message, the PRINTCONT command also allows the user the options of continuing execution of the procedure or stopping. In this sense, it is similar to the CONTINUE command. PRINTERR command causes procedure failure; thus, it should be used to display error messages which explain that the procedure cannot be successfully completed.

Printing a Fixed Message

In addition to their usage for printing messages from a message file, the PRINT and PRINTCONT commands can be used to print out a fixed message on screen. To use the PRINT or PRINTCONT command in this manner, assign CHAR type to its parameter and specify the message to be printed in the Title column of the Procedure Parameters form.

Alternatively, you can use the MESSAGE and WRNMSG commands to display a message; in the latter case, the user can opt to halt execution of the procedure. The message number must be stored in an INT parameter (either via the Value column or defined in an earlier procedure step); its content is recorded in the Procedure Messages form.

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