Version 20.1 introduced the Click2Sign feature, which allows a contact to add their signature digitally to a document.

Click2Sign General Requirements

To work with Click2Sign the following conditions must be met:

  • Priority version 20.1 and up.
  • The document printout must be as a template document (Word).
  • The document only requires a single singature (one signature tag appears in the Word template).
  • The Priority installation must have a Click2Sign application license (APP016).

Form Requirements

You can only add Click2Sign in documents for forms that fulfil the following conditions:

  • The form is managed with a BPM flow chart
  • The uppermost level form contains a customer or vendor

Adding Click2Sign to the Document

To add Click2Sign support, copy the standard document printout procedure (or modify an existing private one), and add the following code to the SQLI stage directly after the first HTMLCURSOR stage:

:IVC = document identifier
:TYPEC = flowchart type
#INCLUDE func/click2sign

You can find an example of this code in the system in the WWWSHOWCPROF program.