Special Document Features

Sending Documents by Automatic Mail

There are several print/send options to choose from when working with documents. In addition to the standard options, you can use calculated report columns to include an Automatic Mail option (automatically sends the report to the designated contact as an e-mail attachment).

To enable the Automatic Mail option, include a report column with the title #MAIL. This option opens a customer or vendor task, depending on the contact in the document. If the contact in question is an external contact of another company (i.e., is linked to the customer/vendor in the document via the External Contacts form), add a #CUSTNAME or #SUPNAME report column that stores the number of the customer/vendor in the current document. Otherwise, the task will be opened in the name of the contact's company.

Document Design: Forcing Display of the Line Number

For HTML printouts that require line numbering, you can prevent users from hiding the line number by including a report column whose title is {#LINE}. Such a column will not be displayed in the design utility, will appear untitled in the document and will automatically be assigned the first column position.


  • Only one {#LINE} column can be included in any given report.
  • Only user designs created in Priority version 17.3 and higher will be affected.

Further Reading