Execution Statements


Priority recognizes several commands which affect execution of the SQL statement (or group of statements). See also Syntax Conventions.


The ENV command changes the current Priority company to the specified company. The syntax is:

ENV company;

where the company can be defined by a string (the value appearing in the Company column of the Companies form) or a variable.

Note: In the web interface, the ENV command has a minor limitation. When used within a procedure, if you then open a form from within the procedure, it will still open the form in the original company (the one in which the procedure was run) rather than the one specified using ENV.


The EXECUTE command executes a specified program with designated parameters. It is mainly used in form triggers, in order to activate a program from within the form or from an SQLI step in a procedure. In any program that uses an EXECUTE command, execution occurs in the present company. It may take place in the background.

The syntax is:

EXECUTE [BACKGROUND] program[ parameter, ... ];

where the program and each of its parameters can be specified as a string or variable. (All parameters are separated by commas. For strings, each string is also enclosed in a set of apostrophes).
Note: For the Priority web interface, see Working with the Priority Web Interface.

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