Release Notes and Change Log

SDK 22.1

November 2022

  • Reverted form limitation for number of participating tables back to 80.
  • ODBC is now available. Added some more information regarding requirements surrounding the use of the module.

October 2022

  • Removed the sections on Oracle and SQL ODBC. Read about the new and improved ODBC here.
  • Added more information on working with XML/JSON interface files in the web interface.
  • Several new options added to the OAuth2 Defintions form.
  • Added a new Setting Up page with information on initial setup of a new development environment. It also contains information on the new option for working as a developer without being assigned to the tabula user group.
  • Added documentation of the INSTAG function for inserting data into an XML file.
  • Added more examples for WINHTML for outputting a single document.

SDK 22.0

September 2022

  • Documented the following SQL Functions - SQL.CLOUDURL, SQL.REGNAME, SQL.HOSTING, SQL.ORACLE
  • Clarification that the unbase64 filter expects unicode input.
  • Added the size limit of tags read by XMLPARSE.

August 2022

  • User identifcation via Priority Lite is now deprecated and was removed from the SDK.

May 2022

  • Clarified that decimal seperator used in JSON files must be a decimal point.
  • Added a note that the WINHTML option -format is only available when printing a single document with -v.

April 2022

  • Added NEWATTACH - a function that returns a valid name for a new folder.
  • Added support for encoding unicode text files as QR Codes.

SDK 21.1

Feb 2022

  • Added base64 encode and decode filters
  • Added delnl filter
  • Some clarifications on the encoding of the infile used with WSCLIENT

Jan 2022

  • Published the SDK in the Developer Portal!
  • Added site search (powered by Algolia).
  • Major rewrite on outputting documents, focusing on how to use the WINHTML program and its various parameters.
  • Moved some topics from the Advanced Programming Tools into more fitting sections.
  • Minor tweaks and corrections.