Enable Document Tracking

If you want to allow users to add documents from this form to their Tracking List, add the following hidden columns to the MYDOC form (listed are the Form Column Name, Table Name and Column Name, respectively):

Note: As these columns are the same in any document that allows tracking, you can use existing standard forms as a guideline (e.g. ORDERS).

  1. FOLLOWUPIV, MYDOC, MYDOC. This column contains the autounique key of the XXXX_MYDOC table (the same as the MYDOC column). Add an outer join to the FOLLOWUPLIST table (Join Column IV, Join Table FOLLOWUPLIST, Join ID ? (outer join)).
  2. FOLLOWUPTYPE, TYPE, FOLLOWUPLIST. In Form Column Extension, specify the Column Type CHAR.
  3. FOLLOWUPUSER, USER, FOLLOWUPLIST. In Form Column Extension, specify the Expression/Condition SQL.USER.

The next step is to update the STATUSTYPES table.