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The SQL Development Program

The SQL Development (WINDBI) program (System ManagementGeneratorsProcedures) provides access to utilities that can help you understand table structure in Priority. The main utility is Dump Table, which creates a file containing the full definition of a designated table. The first line indicates the table name, title and type; subsequent lines delineate its columns and keys.

This is the result of the Dump Table program for the ORDSTATUS table:

CREATE TABLE ORDSTATUS 'Possible Statuses for Orders' 0
ORDSTATUS (INT,13,'Order Status (ID)')
ORDSTATUSDES (CHAR,12,'Order Status')
INITSTATFLAG (CHAR,1,'Initial Status?')
CLOSED (CHAR,1,'Close Order?')
PAYED (CHAR,1,'Paid?')
SORT (INT,3,'Display Order')
OPENDOCFLAG (CHAR,1,'Allow Shipmt/ProjRep')
CHANGEFLAG (CHAR,1,'Allow Revisions?')
CLOSESTATFLAG (CHAR,1,'Closing Status?')
REOPENSTATFLAG (CHAR,1,'Reopening Status?')
INTERNETFLAG (CHAR,1,'Order from Internet?')
OPENASSEMBLY (CHAR,1,'Open Assembly Status')
CLOSEASSEMBLY (CHAR,1,'End Assembly Status')
PARTIALASSEMBLY (CHAR,1,'Partial Assm. Status')
ESTATUSDES (CHAR,16,'Status in Lang 2')
MANAGERREPOUT (CHAR,1,'Omit from Reports')

To run the program, from the Dump menu, select Table. In the input window, designate the table you want to see. To dump more than one table at a time, separate table names with a space.

Additional utilities are accessed from the Queries menu (in the same window):

  • Select All retrieves all records from a designated table.
  • Table Columns shows the columns in a table.
  • Table Columns incl. precision provides the same information, but also displays decimal precision.
  • Table Keys shows the keys in a table.

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