Create BPM

This section explains how to create a BPM status system for a new document. Assuming the new document is called XXXX_MYDOC, the following explains how to:

  • Create a form called XXXX_MYDOCSTATS (and its accompanying table).
  • Modify the XXXX_MYDOC form to support statuses.
  • Create a procedure for the BPM flow chart (and accompanying interfaces).


  • BPM flow charts cannot be created for standard forms.
  • A BPM flow chart can only be created for an upper-level form.
  • All the names and descriptions of forms, tables, columns, etc. are given here for demonstration purposes and can be changed as desired.
  • For the purposes of this procedure, the first two keys of the base table of the XXXX_MYDOC form should be:
    1. An autounique key
    2. A unique key, comprising a single column of CHAR or INT type.

The steps to take (in order) are as follows:

  1. Create the statuses table
  2. Create the statuses form
  3. Modify the new document
  4. Enable tracking of documents (optional)
  5. Update the STATUSTYPES table
  6. Create the necessary interfaces
  7. Create the procedure for the BPM chart
  8. Debug the BPM
  9. Insert the initial status into the status table