Web SDK Release Notes (Priority Version 21.0/ SDK Version ) - April 2021

Version 21.0 includes a change to how the server sends dates to the client which breaks compatibility with previous versions of the SDK. Update your WebSDK to the latest version to correct this issue.

Other Changes

Documentation Update (December 2020)

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.2.18)

Documentation Changes

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.1.6)

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.1.4)

Documentation Changes

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.1.2)

SDK Changes


Documentation Changes

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.1.0)

SDK Changes

Documentation Changes

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.0.2)

Following feedback from developers, we’ve revised the time format used with the SDK. When providing time and datetime, add the timezone offset (e.g. 2018-08-14T10:00:00.000+03:00).

Web SDK Release Notes (Version 2.0.1)

SDK Changes

The fileUpload and uploadDataUrluploadDataUrl functions now require an additional callback, onProgress. When uploading a large file, onProgress is called while the upload is still in progress; onSuccess is only called when the file upload completes successfully. This corrects the issue with Promises for these functions. As a consequence of this change, the isLast property of the FileUploadResult object is no longer necessary and has been removed.

Added two new functions filterChooseAction and filterSearchAction, which allow you to bypass business process restrictions when creating a filter for a form.

Date fields no longer accept or send a relative, text-based date such as Tomorrow or Beginning of next week. Additionally, dates must be formatted according to ISO standards, and times should be in UTC.

The rest of this release is mostly about increasing uniformity between procedures and forms in areas that overlap between the two.

  1. choose function: the object name in the response was changed to Search (previously Choose).
  2. inputOptions function, Options object: the help property was renamed to helpstring.
  3. ProcError object, text property was renamed message.
  4. inputFields function, EditFields object has had several changes:
    • Removed the properties isboolean and columntype.
    • Added properties code and type (these function the same way as those of the Column object in forms).
    • Added the format property (specifies the format of a date, such as ‘DD/MM/YY’)
    • Width property renamed to maxlength.
  5. The proc object has two new properties, name and title, that provide the internal name and title of the procedure being run.

Documentation Changes

  1. Added this page!
  2. We now have a dedicated priority-web-sdk tag on StackOverflow!
  3. Added a more detailed explanation of how procedures work.
  4. Added examples of the different data objects for each step type in procedures.
  5. Minor fixes and typos.