Documentation Update (September 23)

  • Added a new page listing forms removed from the system in the last few versions.

Documentation Update (July 23)

  • Added a new dedicated page for authenticating with the REST API. This includes a new guide for authenticating using OAuth2.

Documentation Update (June 23)

  • Added a note regarding the Odata context returned when making requests to the API on a cloud tenant hosted on AWS.

Documentation Update (March 23)

  • Added the fair use policy for API calls to systems hosted on the Priority Cloud.

Documentation Update (February 23)

  • Added a previously undocumenated change to $batch in version 22.1 - response format is now based on request format.
  • Added an example of referencing a new entity in $batch.

Documentation Update (November 22)

  • Added the cap for response size (350MB).

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 22.1)

  • The REST API now respects field-level permissions in Priority forms. Users will not see and cannot update fields they do not have permissions to view/write to.

Documentation Correction (July 22)

  • The section on $batch erroneously stated the max amount of batch operations as 10,000. This has been corrected to 100.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 22.0)

  • You can now request the Priority and Odata version on the server.
  • Priority Software Cloud customers can now refresh the metadata for entities with private customizations.
  • To increase consistency across different languages and locales, the REST API now requires that all decimal values use a period as the decimal marker.

Documentation Update

  • Refreshed the Postman collection to include handling attachments.
  • Removed mention of PUT as possible way to modify records.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 21.1)

  • Auto-unique key fields, exposed in the full metadata of entities (forms), are now annotated as read-only and cannot be changed via the API. This also means you cannot refer to existing records by their auto-unique key when using PATCH or POST.
  • When updating a related entity, the API response now includes the parent entity of the entity being updated (e.g. the ORDER to which an ORDERITEM is added).

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 21.0)

  • Before version 21.0, attachments were retrieved as links to the file on the server. In version 21.0, they are retrieved as data URIs. You can also attach files to a record by posting the file as a data URI.
  • Dates sent by the server now take into account timezone settings of the Priority installation (the TZSERVER system constant and any timezones set per company).

Other Changes

  • Raised the cap on batch operations to 10,000 requests.
  • The response to batch requests will now default to JSON format (rather than multipart/mixed).

Documentations Changes

  • Added a note concerning the limit on the number of returned entities, determined by the MAXFORMLINES system constant.

Documentation Update (July 2020)

  • Added section on debugging (adding Trace to requests) to introduction
  • Added example of nesting multiple expands to access sub-subforms.

Documentation Update (June 2020)

  • Updated the Postman collection.
  • Updated filtering with logic operators with an additional example showcasing the use of parentheses.
  • Deleted deprecated features.
  • Corrected time formatting in $since.
  • Corrected several typos.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 20.0)

Rest API Changes

  • Reworked text form support. Text will no longer be broken down into lines.
  • Documents (forms with Business Process Management) now support the use of $since to easily retrieve records that have changed since a given point in time.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 19.1)

Rest API Changes

  • Added support for $skip.
  • Added support for $batch operations.

Documentation Changes

  • Added $skip.
  • Added documentation on $batch.
  • Moved Updating Multiple Related Entities and Writing to Text Forms to deprecated.
  • Updated Postman collection.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 18.3)

Rest API Changes

  • Added AppId and AppKey headers for per-application licensing. Requests to the Priority OData service must contain these headers in order to access the system under this license.
  • Added language specification for returning messages from the system in the desired language.

Documentation Changes

  • Made a separate section on filtering by date.
  • Clarified and expanded documentation of composite keys.
  • Added example of deleting a related entity.

Rest API Release Notes (Priority V. 18.2)

Documentation Changes

  • Added a caution regarding %20 (space) when working with operators.
  • Added a more detailed explanation on inserting and updating related entities, with examples of singleton and multi-entity inserts/updates.
  • Added a note reminding users that some entities may have composite keys.
  • Added a note about /n being unavailable.